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RCS Equal Opportunity


RCS respects and values diversity among employees. Business activities such as hiring, promotion, and compensation of employees, are conducted without regard to race, colour, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, age or caste.



At RCS, diversity and inclusiveness are two sides of the same coin. Here diversity bridges the workplace and the marketplace - enabling employees, clients and partners globally to come together to build a smarter planet.


Mobile working

The changing nature of our work environment indicates that a single workplace model is no longer appropriate for everyone. The flexibility offered by improved technology should be seen as a way to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of our employees. At RCS a mobile work environment allows employees the ability to enhance their effectiveness by providing tools to use at any location, be it a customer office, airport, RCS workstations or home.


Flexible work options are available to assist employees in balancing their responsibilities to work, family, education, and other personal needs. RCS gives you the flexibility to manage your work hours, so you can meet the needs of your personal life. Employees, in consultation with their Manager may agree on a special working hour schedule provided the same does not hinder the departments working.


RCS  has a performance-based culture that talented people find very attractive. Employees share a sense of community and work in an environment that values intelligence and innovation. You will find yourself working with some of the brightest and the best - in a company that has complete trust in you and your capabilities.
Compensation & Benefits
The RCS compensation philosophy is to attract, retain and motivate top performing employees through competitive total compensation programs.
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