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Process outsource is a now-a-days a common phenomenon for the corporate world. There has been a need for outsourcing some processes of educational institutes/universities as well. In fact, a few of the educational institutes/universities have been outsourcing some of their processes to the not so organized companies. RCS Global Limited provides a one single platform for educational institutes/universities to outsource their processes to induce more expertise and quality in them.

RCS has solutions to most of the activities in an educational institute/university that can be outsourced. The solutions have been designed and developed after research and in consultation with the experts. The solutions are however liable to change as improvement is a continuous process at RCS. Education industry in India is poised to grow. However, we anticipate a complete wash out of such educational institutes which are run only to churn money. There shall be increased competition among educational institutes and students will have more choice with time.

It is right time that educational industry acknowledges that sound academic infrastructure will overrule the super structures and political backgrounds. Students need to be treated as customers and service delivery will form a key role in the attraction of new students to the institutes. RCS Global can lend a expert hand in reframing of educational institutes to ensure that the academic infrastructure and service quality is brought at par with the best.

RCS is focusing on activities in engineering colleges and management institutions. In due course, we intend to venture into school academics and turn around the service quality parameters there as well.

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