Data Center Technology & Operations (DCT&O) solutions help clients attain high performance through a holistic approach to transformational change within data centers. RCS’s unique approach and delivery capabilities allow us to raise cost efficiencies and operational effectiveness by optimizing the basic infrastructure technologies. Business performance is dependent upon the potency of a company’s fundamental IT Infrastructure BPO whose consistent operation can be immensely enhanced through improved data center technology and operations.


The Data Centre Technology and Operations Services include:



Driving, Supervising and Reviewing Technology Diagnosis and Assessment Activities

Identifying Opportunities for Technology-related improvement based on benchmark data and doing high-level cost benefit analysis
Developing a high level design which supports a robust technology solution, taking into account the user requirements, technical requirements, etc.

Driving Technology Architecture and Infrastructure Design activities


Reviewing and supervising design components


Developing design and transition approaches


Driving and supervising technology build, test and deployment activities


Troubleshooting, diagnosing, and supporting application development

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